Thanks for asking.


Prairie Center is the online journal of Rebecca Terk (aka flyingtomato), whose various endeavors have included organic farmer, community organizer, university instructor, waitress, bartender, disc jockey, columnist, proofreader, and field hand. A native Vermonter, Rebecca has spent over two decades moving in and out of South Dakota, whose landscape she adores and whose politics she abhors thinks could use a strong dose of feminism and progressive populism.

Now living on a dilapidated old farm with a couple dozen acres of what experts refer to as “hard-used” remnant bluffland prairie above the Vermillion River in Southeast South Dakota, she’s cataloging remaining native vegetation and formulating a management plan to bring back a more diverse prairie ecosystem, as well as helping restore the farmstead to a somewhat livable condition by burning a lot of brush and scrapping out a lot of machines.

She decided to call this blog something less specific than the four or five preceding ones, so that maybe she could stop changing the web address every couple of years.

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